vote noun

1 choice/decision made by voting

ADJ. majority | huge, massive, overwhelming, resounding an overwhelming vote in favour of autonomy | unanimous | close, knife-edge, narrow | two-thirds, two-to-one, etc. | democratic, direct, free Members of Parliament will have a free vote on this bill. | transferable The single transferable vote system is it since women have had the vote? | give sb operates. | fair | secret | popular The law was ratified by popular vote. | casting, decisive | crucial | affirmative, favourable, yes | adverse, negative, no | dissenting | protest He lost the election because of the protest vote. | tactical | floating, swing | absent, expatriate, postal, proxy | invalid, valid | congressional, parliamentary | individual | block The union wants the system of block votes to continue. | historic

VERB + VOTE have, put sth to the, take We should put the resolution to the vote. Let's take a vote on the issue. | have The chairperson always has the casting vote. | cast, record (formal) You can cast your vote at the local polling station. 50% of the eligible voters recorded their vote. | gain, get, obtain, poll, receive, secure, win Our candidate polled only 10% of the vote. | swing factors that could swing the vote against the president | count Votes are still being counted.

VOTE + VERB go to sb/sth My vote will go to the party that addresses crime. | fall The party's vote fell by 6%. | increase, rise | double, treble, etc.

PREP. by ~ The bill was passed by a single vote. Members are elected by direct vote. | ~ against, ~ for a vote for the government | ~ in favour (of sth), ~ on a vote on the new law

PHRASES a vote of confidence/no confidence The government received a massive vote of confidence from the electorate. | a vote of thanks A special vote of thanks went to the organizer, Tim Woodhouse. > Special page at MEETING

3 the vote: legal right to vote in elections

VERB + VOTE have How many years