record noun

1 account

ADJ. formal No formal record of the marriage now survives. | official, public | permanent | accurate, careful, exact | up-to-date | adequate, proper, reliable | inadequate | incomplete, sketchy | brief | complete, comprehensive, detailed, extensive, systematic | verbatim | authentic | daily | documentary, handwritten, written | photographic, pictorial | archival, historical | archaeological This period of barbarian rule is poorly represented in the archaeological record. | fossil, geological | administrative, departmental, financial, personnel | dental, health, medical

VERB + RECORD keep He has always kept an accurate record of his spending. | check, consult I checked the records but nobody of that name had worked here. | destroy Medical records should not be destroyed. | file | update | be on, go on She is on record as saying that she once took drugs. He is the latest public figure to go on (the) record about corruption in politics.

RECORD + VERB contain sth The records contain the bank details of all employees. | show sth The records showed that the building had not been inspected for ten years. | suggest sth Fossil records suggest that the region was covered in water until relatively recently. | exist, survive No record exists of a battle on this site. | go back The university records go back as far as the 13th century.

PREP. in the ~(s) The historic agreement is preserved in the university records. | off/on the ~ Off the record, he told the interviewer what he thought of his colleagues. | ~ of a record of achievement | ~ on records on children's progress

PHRASES access to the records Under the law, every citizen has access to their official records. | put/set the record straight She called a press conference to set the record straight about her disappearance.

2 best result, highest level, etc.

ADJ. all-comers, club, course, national, Olympic, track, world | unbeaten, unbroken | long-standing Bob Beamon's long-standing record for the long jump was eventually broken. | all-time | speed

VERB + RECORD hold Who holds the 100 metre sprint record? | establish, set She has just set a new world record. | beat, break, shatter If she continues like this she could beat the record. | equal He has equalled the Olympic record.

RECORD + VERB stand His mile record stood for twelve years. | fall

RECORD + NOUN book/books Bubka rewrote the pole-vault record books during his career. | attempt | breaker, holder | high, number Unemployment has reached a record high (= the highest level ever). There was a record number of candidates for the post.

PREP. ~ for These viewing figures are an all-time record for a single broadcast. | ~ with Lewis established a new world record with a time of 9.86 seconds.

PHRASES in record time I got to work in record time.

3 sb's performance in a particular area

ADJ. past, track | distinguished, enviable, excellent, exceptional, exemplary, fine, formidable, good, impressive, magnificent, outstanding, proven, remarkable, unique, unparalleled, unrivalled | abysmal, appalling, atrocious, bad, dismal, mediocre, poor, sorry | unenviable He has an unenviable record of ill-health. | satisfactory | consistent | clean, unblemished Apart from a parking fine ten years before, she had an unblemished driving record. | academic, educational, school | military | attendance The teacher spoke to her about her poor attendance record. | economic, environmental, human-rights the government's economic record | disciplinary | criminal, police | accident, safety The airline's accident record makes it among the safest.

VERB + RECORD have, possess | keep, maintain The company has maintained an accident-free record since it started business.

RECORD + VERB show sth Her record shows that she is able to compete under great pressure. | compare with sth Our record compares favourably with that of any similar-sized company. | speak for itself When it comes to quality, our record speaks for itself.

PREP. ~ among They have the worst human-rights record among member countries. | ~ for He has an appalling record for dishonesty. | ~ in The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in project management. | ~ on the government's abysmal record on crime

PHRASES on past records On past records, she should have no problem passing the exam. | on sb's past record

4 music

ADJ. long-playing | gramophone | classical, jazz, pop | best-selling

VERB + RECORD cut, make | release They released their first record in 1963. | listen to, play, put on I'll put on one of my favourite records.

RECORD + NOUN company, industry, label | producer | deal The band signed their first record deal a year after forming. | collection | shop | library | player | sleeve

record verb

1 information

ADV. carefully, meticulously, painstakingly | accurately, correctly, properly The weights must be recorded accurately. | faithfully It was all there, faithfully recorded in his uncle's stiff and formal style. | duly The contract is witnessed by others and duly recorded. | automatically, routinely The mother's occupation was not routinely recorded on the birth certificate. | officially | electronically, manually | graphically, vividly The circumstances of her death were graphically recorded in the local press.

PREP. as The time of the accident is recorded as 6.23 p.m.

PHRASES be recorded for posterity The names of those who died are recorded for posterity on a tablet at the back of the church. | historically recorded historically recorded events | poorly/well recorded The geographical spread of the industry in the 16th century is hard to ascertain, for much of it is poorly recorded.

2 sound/pictures

ADV. secretly She secretly recorded the conversation.

PREP. from a programme she had recorded from the radio | on I recorded the film on video.

PHRASES beautifully/well recorded This CD has been beautifully recorded. | digitally recorded