blame noun

VERB + BLAME get My brother broke the window, but I got the blame. | accept, bear, shoulder, take The company refused to accept any blame for the damage. | apportion, attach, attribute, lay, pin, place, put They placed the blame squarely on the doctor. | share The government must share the blame for this confusion. | escape, shift trying to shift the blame onto someone else | absolve sb from/of He was absolved of all blame.

BLAME + VERB fall on sb, lie with sb, rest with sb The blame lies with the police, who failed to act quickly enough.

PREP. ~ for He tried to escape blame for what he did.

PHRASES lay the blame at sb's door, part of the blame, a share of the blame The government tried to lay the blame at the door of the unions.

blame verb

ADV. unfairly, unjustly

VERB + BLAME can't/cannot, couldn't, don't ‘I just slammed the phone down when he said that.’ ‘I don't blame you!’ | can/could hardly You can hardly blame Peter for being angry with her.

PREP. for I don't blame Jack for the mistake. | on Whenever something goes wrong, everyone blames it on me.

PHRASES be (partly) to blame (for sth) A spokesman said that bad weather was to blame for the delay. | be widely blamed for sth The government has been widely blamed for the crisis.